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2019-08-11 David LanzendörferUpdating parameters master
2019-08-02 Philipp GühringAdded usage comment
2019-08-02 Philipp GühringMigrated to new .cell format
2019-08-02 Philipp GühringCorrected cell comments
2019-08-02 Philipp GühringAdapted to the new .cell format
2019-08-02 Philipp GühringMigrated to the new .cell format
2019-08-02 Philipp GühringConverted all .cell files to the new format
2019-08-01 Philipp GühringAdded lctime testcalls
2019-07-30 Philipp GühringAdded Layer names for KLayout
2019-07-30 Philipp GühringAdded layer names and parallel viewing of results
2019-07-30 Philipp GühringAdded layer names
2019-07-30 Philipp GühringImproved the Design Rules
2019-07-24 Philipp GühringReporting for the Search Tool
2019-07-24 Philipp GühringAnnotation tool for the resulting GDS files from the...
2019-07-24 Philipp GühringChanged the filename
2019-07-23 Philipp GühringAdded a tool to search for a valid Tech Rules file
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